Expanding the Renaissance: RSA Graduate Student Virtual Lightning Talks

The RSA Graduate Student Advisory Committee invites the Renaissance studies community to the second session of the Online Graduate Student Lightning Talk Series “Expanding the Renaissance,” taking place on 26 February 2021 from 12:00–1:30 p.m. EST.

Join us online and engage with graduate students presenting topics, sources, or methodologies that are commonly excluded or overlooked from mainstream narratives. Register online at rsa.org.

To connect with the RSA Student Community, visit the RSA Student Community Humanities Commons page.


Anna Cruse, University of Warwick
Conditioned Perspectives: Approaching Accounts of Art in the Vijayanagara Empire

Sunghoon Lee, University of Pennsylvania
Escala: Art, Scale, and Geographic Vastness in the Art of the Spanish Empire, 1521–1621

Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh, University of Cambridge
Monuments, Hermeneutics, or Astronomy? The Jesuit China Mission and the Expansion of Historical Sources from the Late Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment

Xinyi Wen, University of Cambridge
New World materia medica in Paracelsian Medicine and the Closure of Mystical Philosophy

Amy Chang, Harvard University
Architecture at the Edge of Empire: Seville, Manila, and the Formation of Spanish National Architecture, 16th–17th c.

Luc Wodzicki, Freie Universität, Berlin
Ottoman Virtue Politics, or, the trans-Mediterranean Renaissance of Virtue

Expanding the Renaissance: Graduate Student Virtual Lightning Talks

Image: Akbar Ordering the Slaughter of Animals to Cease in 1578, attributed to Miskina, folio from the Akbarnama, ca. 1590, Mughal India; pasted into the Johnson album. British Library J.8, 4