RSA 2021 Day(s) of Digital Learning

The Renaissance Society of America is pleased to offer Day(s) of Digital Learning for the third time, in connection to the annual conference. Since the RSA conference is entirely virtual this year, we will hold the workshops separate from the conference between March 8–21, 2021.

Organized by members of the Digital and Multimedia Committee of the RSA, the Day of Digital Learning will feature a varied menu of sessions involving hands-on, participatory work with digital tools and resources. Working under the direction of scholars, librarians, and IT specialists, participants will have a chance to see how their own research and teaching might benefit from digital concepts and tools, and how to develop digital literacies that will help us all understand the new tools of the trade.

Visit the RSA 2021 Day(s) of Digital Learning website for more information. The events will be open to all RSA members without charge. Registrations will be open between February 10–25, 2021.