Scholars of Colour MA Bursary

As part of a positive and practical effort to attract more early career scholars of colour to the Renaissance, the Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS) is launching a fund to support MA Bursary Awards for Scholars of Colour. SRS plans to offer 3 MA bursaries of £2,500 each, to contribute to the costs of postgraduate study.

These bursaries are open to those who identify as scholars of colour. The topic on which you choose to work, and the discipline in which you are centred, is entirely open, so long as it fits within a broad definition of Renaissance studies (c. 1400-1700). The awards can be held at any institution in the UK or Ireland.

The scheme this year will have a deadline of 1 May 2021, for postgraduate taught courses running in 2021-22. Please visit the Scholars of Colour MA Bursary page for more information and to access the application form.