Welcome to the Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Student Community on Humanities Commons (HC). We will be using this space as a forum to connect with and support current and future student members of RSA. The space is moderated by the RSA Student Council, a group consisting of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee (appointed by the RSA President, serving at least two-year terms).

Please complete this survey to help inform the RSA’s student relations strategy. Your answers will guide our efforts to enhance the student experience at the RSA. The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact rsa@rsa.org.

Netiquette: The RSA Student Community on HC is a shared space. Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow colleagues. When posting in the discussion topics, we welcome constructive feedback and discourage prescriptive language. If you would like to reach out to any members of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee individually, please email the committee.

Get Involved: Participate in the Discussion Forums and contribute to the Resource Lists. Reach out to the RSA Student Council to submit Events Listings and News. To become a member of the RSA Student Community on HC, “Register” or “Log In” to Humanities Commons, then visit the Members page and click on the green button “Join Group” (located to the left of the RSA logo avatar).

Disclaimer: The RSA provides a group, “RSA Student Community,” on Humanities Commons as a service to student members. The content and comments posted by participants represent their own views, not the view of the RSA, and their appearance here does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent, on the part of the RSA. The RSA’s Professional Conduct Policy is in effect for this forum.

About the RSA: The Renaissance Society of America is the largest international academic society devoted to the study of the era 1300–1700. Founded in 1954, the RSA includes thousands of members around the world, encompassing a large array of disciplinary interests, from Art and Architecture, Literature, and History, to Humanism, the Islamic World, and Medicine and Science. Learn more about the RSA at https://www.rsa.org and join the RSA on Humanities Commons.

About HC: Humanities Commons is a trusted, nonprofit network where humanities scholars can create a professional profile, discuss common interests, develop new publications, and share their work. The Humanities Commons network is open to anyone. To get started, read “First Steps: Getting Started with the Commons” or watch the screencasts “A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Humanities Commons for RSA Members.”